Mini catch up. ❤

This past week has been really relaxed, even though it has been quite eventful. Anyways! what has occurred this week:

  • Three of my friends and I have booked a holiday to Crete, Greece for the end of august, this year. I am quite excited for it but I am not excited about paying for it. So, it better be worth it.
  • I received my iPhone 5s replacement, much faster than I expected. Hence, I have been really ecstatic.
  • For my drugs of abuse module, our group completed a group poster presentation which was awful as there was very poor communication within the group. I was lumped into a group with two other boys, who quite evidently look like they have never talked to a girl before; so it was quite awkward. I absolutely hate group work and thus, I will be happy with a pass with this assignment.

  • I haven't really done much clothes shopping this month, but I took advantage of the sale on ASOS and got my self two little black dresses. unfortunately, I returned one of the dresses, because it didn't fit properly around the bust area. I also got some new shows from Forever 21,which I haven't worn yet. 
  • I completed my student finance 2014/2015 application - this was quite hard to do as I realised this is the last year I will be applying for it. Additionally, I've had to switch the application to an estrangement application. fingers crossed it will be approved! as, I do not have a plan B.

Though the best is yet to come as tonight, I will be going to the second launch party of the individual bar. Where Jamie Laing and the candy kittens will be attending. As an evade Made in Chelsea fun, I'm super excited and I hope it will be a good night.


Mini Wishlist

I am saving up to get myself a few items that are a little on the expensive side, but sometimes you have to treat yourself a little. Especially, when you don't have a birthday, or Christmas coming up soon or you are single and living 230 miles away from any relative.

  1. Blending brush (£15) - by Bare Escentuals. In my 26 brush set, I do not have a decent blending brush.
  2. iPad mini with retina display (£319) - this is more of a need than a want, for instance, it would be very useful in lectures, as the lecturers flick through the slides far too fast. additionally, When my iPhone is temporally out of use (usually getting the screen replaced) or I have lost it or it has been stolen (happened twice), I can't access my calendar, mails and reminders on the go. At least, all the information would be synced to the iPad.
  3. Flash gun (£80 - £300) - So I have been looking at nightclub photography jobs, and I pretty much have all the equipment, other than the flash gun. So it would be like an investment.
  4. Petite MOTO Black Joni Jeans (£36) - by Topshop... I don't think my bank likes topshop very much.
  5. Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick (£25) - by YSL. Basically, I would never have dreamed of buying YSL lipstick, but someone gave it to me for Christmas and it's now become my favourite. It smells really nice and doesn't dry out my lips like most, so I want another.
  6. Vans (£55) - you can never have too many pairs of vans.
So yeah, quite a bit of saving up to do.


Days of Misfortune

Sigh.  So the last few days have been horrible, but things are slowly getting better. Last week, I started using new facial products, some facial wipes and Micellar water. I have just noticed a slight rash, and I'm not sure which one of these is causing it. So, I have decided to stop one of them just to see if anything changes. Additionally last Friday at work, I didn't make as much commission as I wanted to, but you know what they say; you win some and you lose some.

Nevertheless, on Saturday a few of my friends and I went to church for a relationship conference, which was interesting but kind of outdated as well. Then, Saturday night a friend and I decided to take the coach to Birmingham and go out, it was a really good night, I probably spent a little too much then intended. Little did I know that night would end up costing me £324, as at the end of the night, an incident occurred. Long story short, I had to visit the dentist, my iPhone 5s was taken and we missed our coach back home. We had to do the walk of shame home, which I normally do not mind, but that day I did mind. I just wanted to go home and sleep, which I eventually did. On Monday, I was on the phone all day to the local police, insurance company, the phone network, telling the story over and over again. On Tuesday things got a little better, I went for a job interview at my student union which I thought went well, and that lifted up my spirits quite a bit. So yeah, now I am waiting for the good fortune to appear as it is long overdue.


Thinking Big: The London Post

For a while now, I have been thinking about moving back to London. I lived in london for about year though I was 9 at the time and my parents decided to move to a little village on the south coast of England. Every time I have been to London since, it has been amazing. It is a city where most dreams come true because everything is in reach. I like the city life, the hustle and bustle comes with mystery and excitement. At the moment I live between Manchester and Birmingham, though I have been to these cities countless times, they are amazing but in my eyes they do not come close to London.  

This dream started when I was in college a few years ago, I wanted to go to a university in London. I did apply for one in London, but sadly I didn't make the conditional offer so I had to go for my second choice, which is a university in the west midlands. Throughout my first year at uni, I always thought about transferring to a uni in London, for 2nd or 3rd year. Sadly that hasn't happened, as I am still in the midlands and  I have nearly finished my 2nd year. Time really does fly when you are having fun, as this time next year, I will be preparing for graduation.

So this is my chance to finally make the move to London, at least next year I will have a degree. Thus, it will be much easier to get a paying internship/placement in the area of work I want to go into. I have hope that this time I will make it to London, because I have been looking for placements, graduate schemes in the field of forensic psych and most of the posts are in London. All the big companies that take on graduates and pay for their masters are all situated in London, so I am feeling optimistic. Additionally, The friends I have made at university come from London, so it wont be like I will be moving to a place where I do not know anyone at all.
All I have to do now, is to pass second semester this year and pass 3rd year, as this is my one way ticket to London. I have already done some research into how people have moved there, and the hardships they faced. Obviously, it is the most expensive place  to live in England, with rent ranging from £700 to £1000+ per month. Not to mention the cost of the underground, conjunction charges etc...and there is a very clear divide between the affluent and those who didn't make it. I don't want to be one of the latter, but I can not see myself living anywhere else but London, so it is a risk I am willing to take.



B. Pure Micullar Water

So, I got talked into getting this B.Pure Micellar Water by the lady at the counter in Superdrug. I was actually in the process of  buying Sleek's brow kit and Garnier Micellar water, when the lady at the counter suggested this B.Pure product. She said, it was really good, worth a try and it had been reduced from £4.99 to £2.47. Living on a student budget I thought why not? Anyways, so it's a 3-in-1 product, so it cleanses, tones and refreshes. Which is great because it saves me all the hassle of using 3 different products.

I have been using this for a few days and I quite like it. It removes all my make up, including my eye make up and leaves my skin feeling really smooth. I really like, how I can use it in the morning or at night. However, I do not like how information about this brand is very limited, I tried to find out a little more about it and I found very little on it. In fact, I only found out how popular it has become, so I feel like I have sort of just jumped on the B.Pure band wagon.


March be good to me

If ever I was asked which month was my least favourite month, I would have to say March... I think it is a very long month and there is nothing to look forward to in march. Other Mother's day of course, which I won't be celebrating this year. With that being said, this march I am optimistic and I am hoping to accomplish a few things this  such as
  1. Complete my assignments - on time without asking for extensions
  2. Travel around the UK a little more - now that I renews my railcard for a year.
  3. Go to the Gym a little more - instead of sleeping and texting all the time.
  4. Build up a photography portfolio - I originally got my DSLR camera, lens, flash gun for assignments on my forensic psych course. I think I could do more with the equipment than just take crime scene photos; after all it cost me a pretty penny. I already have some basic skills in photography, but I haven't got the faintest idea how to do all the fancy camera tricks.
  5. Get a Job - I have a lot of time on my hands
  6. Level 6 project - well as next year is third year, we're expected to come up with a title, question and concept for our own  study by the end of the month. It is exciting stuff, but seems like a lot work.
So, fingers crossed it all goes well.  

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