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So there is only a few days before I go back to uni. I'm so excited, so anxious. I literally want to be there like now.  Last year I had a great time, so great I thought I probably failed the course. To my surprise, I passed; first time around. anyways. back to this year. the days are numbered. I need to buy a few essentials such as notebooks, pens and a new bag. as well as some cute curtains for my new room. However, I have no money whats so ever, and so I will have to wait until my student loan comes in.  

Luckily I am at dad's for these last few days, even though I have already moved in and settled in back at my share house. At leas here, there is proper food and free internet. Soon as I am back at uni, I will probably have to write up a budget. I will need to make a list of all my assignments and delines as well as exams. I like to be organised when it comes to very important. as they say:  

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

I am quite worried about not  receiving my student finance on time as last year I didn't receive it until January and I had to resort to other ways of making money. Though this year it's ready and all they are waiting for now is the university attendance conformation. Me and mother, do not speak anymore and it is based on her and her husband's income. She is so spiteful, that she would probably call them and ask to withdraw her part of the application. I called student finance and explained the situation. They assured me that I would get the money anyways, as it is based on last year's income. Seeing as this new estrangement happened this year, it wouldn't affect the count loans and grants. Once it comes through, I will be at piece. 

I am yet to look at the induction week program as I am more interested in fresher week! though I will have to keep reminding myself to say away from men, as I ended up being stuck with the same one last year I met at the freshers party. Eduction and living life first, boys can wait.


  1. I hope your first week back goes well! I'm starting my first year at uni and would love to hear any tips you might have about surviving first year! I really hope I get my student finance on time because I'm skint!

    Shannon x


  2. @Alex Cooke

    Awh, Thanks! I hope so too. :D

    First year at uni hun? it is not as hard as they make it out to be, All you have to do this year, is pass. Do your assignments soon as you get them so you can party! ~

    Also make sure, you attend all the fresher events, the induction week lectures/seminars/workshops, and go out to the night clubs. As these first two weeks, will be the paramount to make friends for the rest of the year if not for the whole of your course.

    Wish you all the best :]


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